1. Can you recommend someone with the same package as you have?

ans: No,i don’t have.
2. Do you have a themed costume or a clown costume?

ans: I don’t have a themed costume or clown costume. I only wear a suit, jeans and rubber shoes as seen in the picture.
3. If i hire you ,the 9000 package,what will be the flow of the program?

ans: Lets assume your invitation is 3 p.m
3:00-3:40- games
3:40-4:00- ventriloquism
4:00-4:30- eating time
4:30-4:50- puppet show
4:50-5:00- candle blowing
5:00-5:20- magic show
5:20-6:00- games,party bags
Note: This is just a guide ,the client can decide the flow of the program
4. I already have a sound system, can we remove it and ask for a discount rate?

ans: No,i always bring my sound system even if the client has his own sound system. You are paying for my ability to entertain , i just want to assure the quality of my show and having a good sound system is part of it.
5. Can i hire only the puppet show and ask for a discount rate?

ans: No,it is a package.
6. How many of you in your group? Will you eat in the party?

ans: Our team is composed of one driver, two assistants and myself . The normal procedure in a party is , the crews are part of the counting of the food, but if the per plate food in the restaurant is so expensive, you can buy a value meal for us. Remember the saying, “If you want good milk make sure to give good grass.”
7. The kids in the party are all english speaking.Can you do your show in english?

ans: Yes
8. How do i book you?Step 1: check the date if it is available.
Step 2: If it is available,you will deposit 1,000 pesos in my banco de oro acccount. Txt me after you have deposited.
Step 3: Text me your email and i wll send you a memorandum of agreement. Keep the deposit slip and give it to me including the payment after the party.
9. Do you have pinata,pabitin,name tags,giveaways?

ans: No, i don’t have, you pay for my ability to entertain, just buy those things in divisoria.

11. Can i request you to operate the bubble machine throughout the party?

ans:  No,the kids will not concentrate on the program they will just play with the bubbles. The bubble machine is used only during candle blowing and during the best in dancing game.

12. How many stories will you do in your puppet show?

ans: I only have one story in my puppet show and it talks about the importance of obeying your parents, but the difference in my puppet show is, it is a LIVE PUPPET SHOW and not a recorded one, Live puppet show has interaction with kids,they can talk to the puppets and the puppets talk back at them. A recorded puppet show is the most BORING show you could avail.  Watch a sample video of a live puppet show ,search in You tube- Kuya Mau equals laughter

13. What are the things we need to prepare?

ans: Prizes- 15 major prizes and 20 consolation for the kids and 5 prizes for the adults unisex.
Chairs- 4 adult chairs
Tent- if you will do your show in a garden or in the street ,i dont do shows under the heat of the sun or while it’s raining.

14. I have a limited space,do you have requirements in space?

ans: No,check my pictures i have shows with limited space. I do shows even in a garage.

15. If the invitation is 3 pm, what time will you arrive at my party?

ans:  2 pm. We always come to the party one hour before the invitation, so always be honest regarding the time of invitation. If we are not in the venue one hour before the party you can call me.

16. We will be having our party in the province.how much would you charge us?

ans: Expect a high quotation for provinces.

17. We will have 7 wishes,7 dance etc, can you include that in your program and do the

ans: Yes ,i can do that, but it will consume some of the time for the games.

18. Most of my guests are adults, im expecting around 10 kids,can you handle this?

ans: Yes,hire me and trust me.

19. The cousins of the celebrant will do a dance number,will it affect your program?

ans: No

20. I am very particular of a clean show,like no green jokes or double meaning ,can you assure me that?

ans: If there is one reason im so booked, it is because of the values i impart in my puppet show ,which is obedience to parents . I can assure you that.  By the way, i don’t say bad words in my own personal life.

21. We will be having our party inside the mall,and we need to make a gate pass,what are the things you will bring.

1. Sound system-1 amplifier with built in speaker, 2 microphones, 1 cd player.
2. Puppet stage
3. 2 bags of magic
4. 2 bags of puppets
5. 1 bubble machine
6. 1 small electric fan

22. The venue in the party is asking the model and wattage of your sound system,may i know it?

ans: Samson XP300-500 wattage
23. We want to meet you before the party and discuss the details ,can we meet?

I don’t normally meet with clients but if you request it , i only meet clients at TROPICAL HUT beside sta.lucia anytime weekday. It is open 24 hours.
24. We will be having our party in a restaurant,we only booked it for 2 hours ,can we ask for a discount?
ans:  No
25. What will be the flow of the program if we hire you for 2 hours?

Lets assume your party starts at 3 pm.
3:00 to 3:30- games
3:30 to 3:50- ventriloquism
3:50 to 4:00- candle blowing
4:00 to 4:15- eating time
4:15 to 4:35- puppet show
4:35 to 4:55- magic show
4:55 to 5:00- partybags

26. Do you have anything else to offer?

1.Bubble show- 2500 pesos

2.Foodcarts( Popcorn,Cotton candy and Hotdog)-6000 pesos good for 100 servings each 3.Facepainting-1500

4.Standees- Princess standees, Frozen standees and Safari standees- 3000 pesos

5.Mascots- (20 minutes appearance with picture taking and dance number)-   Mickey ,Minnie, Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Dora, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh ,Woody toy story