a.) Ventriloquism- Maui the Ostrich puppet is the most visual puppet you can have in your party,it is like a real ostrich, It is a 20 minutes sure laughter as Maui the ostrich talks about the life of the ostrich.

b.) Magic show- 20 minutes interactive magic which includes doves, silk,ropes and canes. Kuya Mau’s magic focuses on laughter ,no bladed objects or fire .

c.) Puppet show- 20 minutes 100 percent laughter as the story talks about obedience. It includes the following puppets Grandfather, Momoy,Olaf,Minion,Barney,Superman,Lebron James and Brownie the dog. It includes a puppet stage or puppet box. The difference of Kuya Mau’s puppet show is ,it is live not recorded. The kids can talk to the puppets and the puppet responds.

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